Emmett Therapy
A revolution in pain relief!

Offers comfort &
support for many

Emmett Therapy
A revolution in pain relief!

Offering a reduction
in pain and an
increased range of

Emmett Therapy
A revolution in pain relief!

This non-invasive
therapy often has an
instantaneous result.



Suitable for:

Humans Canines Equines

Restricted joint & muscle movement  Persistent discomfort
Lymphatic & sinus congestion
Migraines and cluster headaches  Breathing problems 
Fluid retention  General muscle fatigue

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What is Emmett?

What is Emmett Therapy?

 A unique therapy to balance the body’s muscles.

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How Does it Work?

Light finger pressure
over unique points.

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Our Story

How our lives changed using the Emmett technique.

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Tony Sherry or Mr Magic Fingers

I was unsure at first, as I had suffered a bad back before and had tried using other therapies in the past without much success.

I was recommended to try Tony and the Emmett Technique as he also did home visits and I was in a lot of pain. I found him to be friendly and helpful and he really knows what he is doing.

There was no painful manipulation, no need to undress and all the treatment was done while I was standing. Within minutes of him starting to treat me the pain had gone and I was able to move without a problem. The magic fingers really worked and my family watched as I wobbled and swayed and the pain went. This treatment worked so much quicker than the other things I had tried in the past.

Tony is very professional and approachable and all in all I would not hesitate about recommending him to anyone that asks if I know of a therapist for any ailments.

He has even treated my Daughter who had difficulties sleeping. Not any more after she was treated by Tony and his Emmett Therapy

Steve Robinson

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4 days ago

ECH Therapies

All set up and ready to teach a Emmett 4 Dogs level 5. I’ve already treated two members of staff who as usual stood there with their mouths open saying how did you do that. It’s going to be a great day. ...

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4 days ago

ECH Therapies

Words from Ross"WORDS FROM ROSS"

Welcome to 2019,

I would like to welcome everyone to this new year with new ideas and new expectations.

If I was to give any advice to all EMMETT Therapists in the coming year, it would be to take the opportunity to attend an EMMETT 4 Animals short course in both Horse and Dogs.

The reason for this is to give an insight of how powerful the Technique is and to show you its results, without an expectation from the receiver, and without the placebo effect.

It is a beautiful thing to watch changes within animals, taking what they need without misinterpretation in language or placing pressure on them to accept an outcome.

I look forward to all people enjoying the Technique from the base where I started.

The second point I would like to make is that we are receiving enquiries to the Emmett HQ office, requesting an Emmett Therapist who will deliver an Emmett only treatment. Some clients are unable to find a therapist who is willing to provide an EMMETT only Treatment without the inclusion of other techniques/therapies.

We would suggest that therapists put confidence in delivering the Technique on its own. If your client asks for EMMETT be willing enough and confident enough to deliver an Emmett treatment, you may be surprised by the outcome.

Keeping in mind that while Emmett is complementary to all other modalities, many therapists have been gaining incredible results using the Technique as a stand-alone Therapy.

Wishing everyone the best for 2019

Yours sincerely, Ross Emmett

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4 days ago

ECH Therapies

A busy week ahead teaching EMMETT 4 Dogs level five on Monday and Tuesday with a great bunch of students and dogs.

Then lots of admin work to do and planning lots more courses for the rest of the year.

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Become an EMMETT Practitioner

EMMETT Therapies UK and Ireland offers Practitioner Training Courses to treat both people and animals.

Short one day courses are also available for non-professionals to treat themselves, family, friends and animals. These are also frequently attended by therapists as a cost effective way of being introduced to the EMMETT Technique before signing up to the Practitioner Courses.