About Tony and John – Our Story

About Tony Sherry

A senior international Emmett Instructor and advanced Emmett Practitioner for People, Horses and Dogs. This is my story to date.

I have been a Registered General Nurse for twenty-five years working in one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals. The past twenty-four years have been in Adult Intensive Care where I have worked as a highly trained specialist nurse with the most severely ill patients.

While caring for the severely ill patients I saw that complementary therapy had a place and indeed played an important role in the recovery of some patients. A nursing colleague who is also a reflexologist was a times able to diagnose a patient’s condition before the some of the medical staff. This made me realise that there is far more to healthcare than traditional medicine.

A few years ago a riding accident left me with a broken back and I spent many months unable to walk straight and I was in constant pain day and night. My GP gave me lots of painkillers and I had physiotherapy with limited success. I was advised that due to my age and the type of injury sustained I was going to have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.

In my opinion traditional medicine had taken me so far but had failed to return me to full health. This led me to investigate what complementary therapies could offer as an alternative and to improve the quality of my life. My first step was acupuncture and to my delight within 20 minutes of my first treatment I was standing straighter and the pain was almost gone. At this time in my life I realised that complementary therapy was my future. So the hunt began for a therapy that I could see myself doing.

The hunt continued until I encountered the work of Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique. This therapy grabbed both my attention and imagination and almost sounded too good to be true. My nursing background demanded that I needed to know more and find out if this technique really worked. Whilst doing my research into its effectiveness I came across the Emmett technique being used on horses. This offered me the opportunity to test the therapy without the placebo effect which can distort both conventional and alternative treatment results in people. After about 30 minutes of seeing the first horse treated my jaw hit the floor as I could not believe my eyes at how fast and effective this technique was. I spent the next two days in complete astonishment and then signed up to learn the technique on people and that is where my journey began with the Emmett Technique.

I have now trained in the Emmett Technique to the highest level in treating people (EP6) and have had some truly amazing results and a common statement from clients is “why did I not find you before”. I am also an Emm-Tech tutor and have great fun sharing this incredible technique. Since qualifying in the technique on horses I have successfully treated a whole range of horses from happy hackers to top competition horses and so much in between. It’s amazing and so satisfying to see the look on the owners face when they see the reaction of their horse when they relax, some even seem to go into a trance as if they are having a spa treatment.

My amazing Emmett journey continues now I’m an instructor teaching the technique on horses and dog as wells the Representative for Ross Emmett for Animal training for the UK and Ireland. To be one of a few people in the World teaching this is such an honour and privilege and I am really enjoying the journey my life is taking.

My vision is to be able to treat both horse and rider so they work together in a symbiotic way so they are both happy in whatever they do. Additionally I would also like to work with people with all sorts of problems from pain relief to greater flexibility helping them to achieve their own personal goal.

Living just outside Tunbridge Wells in the TN3 postcode, I’m happy to travel anywhere in the Southeast of England, depending on distance there may be a charge for travelling.


  • Registered General Nurse
  • Pg. Cert in Clinical Research
  • Pg. Dip in Clinical Research
  • EMMETT Practitioner
  • Emm-Tech Tutor
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Instructor
  • EMMETT 4 Dogs Instructor

About John Rea

I am a qualified EMMETT practitioner for both people and horses. I am also an Equine Shiatsu practitioner. This is my story of becoming a therapist and joining ECH Therapies.

One of my earliest memories is being taken to the local stables, run by a friend of my father to see the horses on Sunday mornings while my mum cooked the roast dinner. This was a treat for me and my sister. I remember how beautiful the horses were and how amazed I was by the gentleness and sensitivity of these huge creatures who leaned over their stable doors to allow this little boy to stroke them. My father would tell tales of growing up on the banks of the Clyde in 1940’s Glasgow, when milk, bread and coal was still delivered by horse and cart. He told me how he and his friends would climb over fences into fields and steal bare back rides on the cart horses. So despite not coming from a horsey family, I think the seeds of my love of horses began with these early memories, when for me as a child, horses seemed to be incredible creatures.

In my early twenties I spent two years travelling the world. This experience had a profound affect on the direction my life would take in two ways. Firstly, I travelled through many countries in Africa and Asia where poverty was rife and healthcare not available to the poor. People with all imaginable disabilities and health problems had to resort to begging. Giving what I could helped them to survive another day but did nothing to change their lives. This experience ignited a wish in me to do something to make a difference to people’s pain and suffering. Secondly I got a job on a cattle station in the Australian outback. To earn extra income, they used to take tourists on trail rides across the station. Instead of cash, I was paid in food, accommodation and being taught how to ride. My job evolved from being a groom, to accompanying the rides and eventually being a jackeroo, the Australian version of a cowboy. I was hooked and have been involved with horses one way or another ever since.

After returning to the UK and inspired by my experiences, I undertook nurse training and qualified as a registered nurse in 1995. I have worked in the NHS ever since, specialising in mental health. Throughout my career I have always been aware of the relationship between emotional health and physical health. When organisational changes in the NHS led me to evaluate what I wanted out of my future working life, I started to look at options that would allow me to combine my love of horses with my wish to help others.

In 2013 I completed 2.5 years training with the School of Equine Shiatsu to qualify as an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner. Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese therapy similar to acupuncture except that finger pressure is used on the points instead of needles. Health problems are understood as being a result of imbalances in the body. As well as activating acupressure points, shiatsu also incorporates massage and assisted stretches to bring the body back into balance and harness it’s natural ability to heal itself.

I have known Tony Sherry for over twenty years and have been very fortunate over the past few years to meet Ross Emmett on several occasions through Tony, and spend time with them both. Ross is an incredibly gifted therapist and I heard many tales of people and animals that his technique had helped, so I decided to enrol with Tony to train as an EMMETT 4 Horses Practitioner in 2015.

I am very interested in classical training techniques for horses and I began to notice that for many horses there is a relationship between their way of going and the rider. Supple horses who move freely and in balance, have riders who are flexible, who remain in balance and have good core strength. Conversely horses who have some problems often have riders with physical issues that restrict the horse’s movement or put muscles under strain. Tony would frequently maximise the impact of EMMETT on a horse he had seen by also doing a few moves on the rider to help with any stiffness or restrictions they had. So when Ross Emmett came to London to run the first 2 modules of the human EMMETT training, I leapt at the chance to learn his therapy technique directly from the man himself, with the aim of helping both horse and rider. By the end of these modules with Ross, my posture had dramatically improved and I was no longer round shouldered and slouching. Other students were relieved of pain they had harboured for years and I was amazed to witness the powerful and often instant results. This started my journey to become qualified as a human EMMETT Practitioner, not just so that I could assist riders but I was excited by the ability to help people with a wide range of difficulties, not just riders. In early 2018 I qualified as a human practitioner after completing the course with Lesley Salt, one of the UK’s most senior human instructors.

Alongside practicing as a therapist, I have assisted Tony in teaching horse short courses and full practitioner courses. In spring 2018 I attended the first International EMMETT Conference in Australia and was invited to be a panel member in a Q & A session on EMMETT 4 Horses. While in Australia, I was privileged to assist Tony to deliver a level 1 horse course. Following this, Tony invited me to join him as a practitioner in ECH Therapies and since August 2018 I have reduced my hours in the NHS in order to dedicate more time to EMMETT Therapy and am now part of the ECH team, offering therapy to people and horses.

I am incredibly excited to be part of ECH Therapies and look forward to helping both people and horses. It is very rewarding for me as a therapist to see the almost instant positive changes this technique brings and to hear people say how much better they are after just one session, or how they can feel the difference in their horse when they ride.


  • EMMETT Technique Practitioner
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Instructor
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Practitioner
  • Diploma in Equine Shiatsu Studies
  • Registered Nurse (Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health)