Tony Sherry and John Rea


Tony Sherry


A senior international Emmett Instructor and advanced Emmett Practitioner for People, Horses and Dogs. 

I am the founder of ECH Therapies and the UK’s leading therapist for people and animals, using the EMMETT Technique. I have 28 years experience as a specialist nurse and, personal experience of the powerful effects of the EMMETT Technique in eliminating my own chronic back pain, following an injury. Now, I want to use this amazing therapy to help make the same difference to others.

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About Tony SherryI have been a complementary therapist since 2012 and founded ECH Therapies three years later. I have had many highlights in my therapy career. There was Jake, the seven year old Great Dane with neurological weakness from the mid back down and kept loosing his balance and falling over. His vets have him a few months to live. I treated him regularly and he lived in comfort for another two years.

Then there’s Mike, who was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that left him paralysed in his legs and finger tips and unable to perform any self-care. By the end of our first session he could start to feel something and a couple of visits later he could raise his arms above his head! I will never forget the look on his face. I treat Mike regularly and his improvement continues to amaze his doctors. He can now do many daily tasks independently.

And then there was Chloe the show jumper, who kept knocking down poles. She was being trained and competed by a professional show jumper, competing at a very high  level. The vet had given her a thorough examination and could find nothing wrong that would lead to constantly knocking the poles down. I treated her once and within 3 weeks she was back in her winning form.

My journey into complementary therapy and, later founding ECH Therapies began in 2011, following a serious riding accident when I fractured 3 vertebrae in my spine. Months off work, popping pain killers day and night and, not being able to do very much at all due to the constant pain, was getting me down. My hopes of getting back to normal were however raised, when my GP referred me for physiotherapy. Unfortunately the physio was unable to help me. My GP then broke the news that due to my age and the type of injury, I would have to learn how to live with the pain for the rest of my life!

Never being one to give up, I began the search for an effective complementary therapy to relieve my pain. I tried many things. It was only when I stumbled upon the EMMETT Technique that my pain literally disappeared and, little did I know then, that this would change the course of my life.

I knew then, that I wanted to train in this technique and, become a therapist. First I trained as a Practitioner for horses and quickly went on to also train and became an Advanced  Practitioner for people and then as a Practitioner for dogs.

At this time I was still working in Intensive Care, at one of the most prestigious London teaching hospitals. My nursing career in the NHS had spanned 28 years, with most of that time working in Intensive Care as a highly skilled specialist nurse with the most severely ill patients. My latest role involved undertaking clinical research into new treatments and technologies. My enthusiasm for the EMMETT Technique was infectious and it was not long after qualifying as a Practitioner that I started to get colleagues knocking on my office door…

“Tony, can you sort out my shoulder?” or,  “Tony, can you work your magic on my leg please?” asked the nurses and doctors as they popped their heads around the door.

As a Research Nurse, I got agreement from the my department head to carry out an evaluation into the effectiveness of relieving muscular pain and discomfort among the staff in my department. The results were amazing, with every participant reporting a significant reduction in their pain and many being pain free after just one treatment.

My path had been set. I took early retirement from the NHS and started working full time in ECH Therapies.

Maybe because of my background in nursing and clinical research, it was really important to me to provide a five star service, that most importantly relieves my clients’ discomfort and restores their movement, as quickly as possible. I knew that I could relieve their symptoms in just 1 or 2 sessions. When I started out I did not have a clinic but, what I discovered, was that nearly all of my clients preferred to be treated in their own home. This is also really important for dogs because the more relaxed they are, the better the effects of the treatment.  So uniquely, we now exclusively offer home treatments for our human and canine clients, (horses, of course, are treated at their stables).

As my therapy career progressed, I met the Australian founder of the technique, Ross Emmett, many times. Ross taught all of my advanced training. Ross is a highly gifted therapist and as he got to know me better, I like to think he saw something of that in me. He asked me to start teaching students who wish to train in the technique with animals and, later he invited me to become his representative in the UK and Ireland for animal therapy and, Senior Instructor. I have taught in every corner of the UK and have also travelled to Europe and Australia to teach. In 2018 I was asked to present my research into the effectiveness of the therapy at the EMMETT Technique International Conference in Cairns, Australia. I also sit on the International Advisory Board for the EMMETT Technique.

I am extremely proud that I have established a reputation as the leading therapist in the UK, using the EMMETT Technique for people, dogs and horses. My personal experience of the dramatic differences that EMMETT therapy can make and, my wish to use my expertise in the technique to bring that same relief to as many people and animals as possible, is why I set up ECH Therapies.


  • Registered General Nurse
  • Pg. Cert in Clinical Research
  • Pg. Dip in Clinical Research
  • EMMETT Practitioner
  • Emm-Tech Tutor
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Instructor
  • EMMETT 4 Dogs Instructor

John Rea


A qualified EMMETT practitioner for both people and horses. John is also an Equine Shiatsu practitioner. 

I had 23 years experience as a registered nurse before joining ECH Therapies. I am an experienced EMMETT Practitioner for people and horses and also an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner, for horse and rider. What I love about being a therapist, is the feeing I get when I have helped someone feel so much better, often literally seeing their body change before my eyes. It's fantastic!


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John Rea

I am really proud to be working with Tony at ECH Therapies. Neither of us arethe type of people who are satisfied with mediocre, doing the same as everyone else and, getting the same average results. Like Tony, I aim to be the best at what I do and, make a real, discernible difference for all our clients; people and animals. I live for the moments when clients say…

“I can’t believe it, I have’t been able to do that for years”.

I have been touched many times by the people who have told me that I have made a big difference to their lives. This is what keeps me motivated and loving the job that I do!

I have not always been a therapist, although most of my working life (since 1992, in fact) has been in healthcare. I am a registered nurse, specialising in mental health and I have worked in the NHS for my entire nursing career. I spent many years in senior roles in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services and latterly in a leadership position in a therapy service for adults. Many people would have been satisfied with this course, but as my career progressed, I found I was spending more and more time on management responsibilities, sitting at a desk and, spending less time actually nursing. As I approached middle age, I began to notice that my body could not do the things it used to, or certainly not as easily. I felt the pull in my lower back as I bent down to tie my shoe laces; I started to lean forward in my car seat to see the oncoming traffic at a junction; my shoulders ached from spending hours hunched over a computer; and when I looked in the mirror my posture was becoming rounded. The list goes on! The thought of what state my body would be in when I retired in another 15-20 years was frightening. “Time for a change”, I thought!

I was already an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner. I have loved horses from a young age and, I own my own horses. In 2013 I completed a 3 year training at the renowned School of Equine Shiatsu, under the tutelage of Jill Blake, one of the leading figures teaching ‘acupuncture without needles’. I practiced at weekends, while working full time in the NHS but really wanted to expand my therapy skills and be able to treat people too. I knew that Tony’s back injury was helped dramatically by the EMMETT Technique and after researching many other musculoskeletal treatment modalities, I took the plunge in 2015 to make a career change and, trained to become an EMMETT Practitioner. I have been very fortunate to have trained with the UK’s most senior EMMETT Technique instructors for both people and animals; Lesley Salt, Sue Gassick, Tony Sherry and, the founder of the technique, Ross Emmett.

Since qualifying as an Emmett Practitioner for both people and horses and, as I became experienced at treating a range of acute and chronic symptoms,  I was invited to become an instructor in the technique. I teach 1 day human therapy courses and full practitioner courses for those wanting to train as equine therapists. In 2018 I was asked to speak at the EMMETT Technique International Conference in Cairns, Australia, where I joined an expert panel to take questions on using the EMMETT Technique with horses.

Later in 2018, Tony invited me to join him at ECH Therapies and, of course I leapt at the opportunity to be working alongside someone who shares the same values as me; who puts the client right at the centre of everything we do and who’s goal is to deliver high quality treatment and fantastic service. What more could I want?

So you may be wandering if, several years on, am I still feeling my age? I am pleased to say that Emmett treatments, together with a few simple lifestyle changes, have really sorted out the decline of what felt like a rapidly ageing body. For the riders amongst you, you may not be surprised to hear that once I had sorted out my own body, my horses were more comfortable and started to move better too! A valuable lesson for us all.


  • EMMETT Technique Practitioner
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Instructor
  • EMMETT 4 Horses Practitioner
  • Diploma in Equine Shiatsu Studies
  • Registered Nurse (Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health)