Service Menu - Dog Treatment


Our service menu has been designed to help you and your dog get the most out of the services we provide to meet you specific needs. It will give your dog improved movement, more comfort and confidence.

Initial Assessment Session

In this first session we will get to know you and your dog. We will observe them closely with respect to build their trust and assess what needs to be done to help them in our unique way. This is done at a pace that your dog wishes it to be done and is never rushed.


Puppy Package

Support your puppy through the stages where they can feel discomfort during growth spurts and help them feel balanced as their body changes. Help them get used to being handled by different people. This experience will reap benefits for their physical, mental and social development.

Standard Package: One session per month £180 (4 sessions)
Premium Package: One session every three weeks £320 (8 sessions)

Family Pet Package

Ideal for the family pet who may have a long term condition that would benefit from having regular sessions. This package is also good for a fit family dog to help prevent injuries.

One session every 6 weeks £180 (blocks of 4 sessions)

Pairs Package

This package has you both in mind. By treating both you and your dog it will ensure you can both enjoy your adventures together.

Standard Package £80 per session for dog and owner
Premium Package £70 per session for dog and owner when booking 6 or more sessions

Working Dog Package

Help your dog to prolong their working career so they can continue doing what they love to do for longer.

Standard Package: One session every two months £135 (3 sessions)
Premium Package: One session per month £240 (6 sessions)

Competition Dog Package

Treat your dog like the athlete they are and in a way they deserve. Help your dog prepare their body for a competition and help their muscles recover quicker after the event. We have two bespoke packages where we treat before and after competitions. The Silver package, is aimed at the canine athlete. The Gold package, is ideal for the handler who recognises that they are working as a team with their dog and they both require treatment to beat the competition.

Standard Package: One session per month £135 (3 sessions)
Silver Package £180 (4 dog sessions)
Gold Package £320 (4 dog sessions and 4 handler/owner sessions)

Veteran Dog Package

Show your older dog how much they mean to you by helping them feel younger. This package will make them feel comfortable, spoilt and loved.

Standard Package: One session per month £180 (4 sessions)
Premium Package: One session every three weeks £320 (8 sessions)

Blue Moon Sessions

For the dog who only needs to see us once in a blue moon and not on a regular basis after they have had their initial assessment session.

£55 per session (adult)

Out of Hours Service

Urgent treatments outside of a booked package and after 6pm, at weekends or Bank Holidays will incur additional fees.

£75 (£55 for treatment and £20 out of hours fee)

Clients who sign up to a package will be given priority if their dog needs to see us urgently.

For visits to more than one dog, we offer all of the above at special discounted rates.

Please ask for more details.