Service Menu - Human


Our service menu has been designed to help you and get the most out of the services we provide to meet your specific needs. It will give you improved movement, enhanced comfort and confidence. 

Initial Assessment Session

In this first session we will get to know you. We will assess your needs and work out  what is to be done in our unique way. This is done at a pace that suits you and is never rushed.

Adults and over 16s:  £70
Children (16 and under):  £55

Regular Treatment Package

Ideal for the person who leads a busy life and would like a regular session to keep their body in balance or for someone whose body is affected by their work, whether that be working in a stressful City office or doing a more physical job. This package is also good for people who enjoy sports and fitness and want to take care of their bodies.

One session every 6 weeks:  £220 (blocks of 4 sessions)

Persistent Problem Package

For someone with a long standing ailment that causes pain, or discomfort, or restricts what you are able to do. Keep on top of your symptoms the natural way.

Standard Package - One session per month: £ 220 (4 sessions)
Premium Package - One session every three weeks: £300 (6 sessions)

Pregnancy Package

Relaxing treatments to help Mum be more comfortable as she approaches her due date,  prepare her body for the birth and recover following the delivery of her new baby.

Standard Package - One session every two months: £165 (3 sessions)
Premium Package - One session per month: £300 (6 sessions)

Sport Person's Package

For the amateur sports person who is determined to be the best they can be. Put your body in a  place where you can train and compete more effectively, without increasing the risk of injury. Sessions arranged around your sporting activities.

Standard Package - One session per month:  £165 (3 sessions)
Silver Package:  £220 (4 sessions)
Gold Package:  £300 (6 sessions) 

Senior Person's Package

Ideal for the more mature person who is feeling the aches and restrictions associated with getting older.  These treatments can also assist with balance, grip, mobility problems and swollen legs.

Standard Package - One session per month: £220 (4 sessions)
Premium Package - One session every three weeks: £400 (8 sessions) 

Blue Moon Sessions

For the person who only needs to see us once in a blue moon and not on a regular basis after they have had their initial assessment session. These sessions can also be booked at short notice to treat acute problems.

£65 per session (adult)
£50 per session (child 16 and under) 

Out of Hours Service

Urgent treatments outside of a booked package and after 6pm, at weekends or Bank Holidays will incur additional fees.

£75 (£55 for treatment and £20 out of hours fee)

Clients who sign up to a package will be given priority if they need to see us urgently.

For visits to more than one person in a household, we offer all of the above at special discounted rates. Please ask for more details.