Hi Tony,

I would like to say just how much I got out of coming to review level 3 for dogs. It put into place some of the moves I hadn’t quite ‘got’.  The rescue dogs really benefited on my next visit to them.

I am continuously amazed how much benefit there is to crossing over between animal work and human work.

Your courses are filled with fun, laughter and learning in a relaxed way and would benefit anyone and everyone, practitioner or layman.

I’m looking forward to doing the one day short course for horses to broaden my practice even further.

Thank you Tony,

Anne Hindley-Cook

In August last year I attended the Emmett Short course which was the beginning of, what can only be described as, an amazing journey. I have to admit that first day I was somewhat suspicious that so much could be achieved by literally using two fingers. I was also nervous as I have severe arthritis in my hands and as the day went on I thought maybe this wasn’t the course for me. That’s where that daft idea was well and truly left behind.

Tony is a great tutor with a brilliant sense of humour and has the ability to think ‘outside the box if someone is struggling with a particular Emmett move. As a result of this it’s possible for me to comfortably treat horses even with my sore hands.

My Emmett journey didn’t stop with the taster course and I’ve just finished level 5. I’ve made great friends and learnt an amazing therapy.

I’d recommend anyone to go and learn Emmett you surely won’t regret it one bit!

Di Leslie-Veal

I met Emmett Therapy when i was attending an event and i saw a demo and it interested me much with the fact it was not hard or manipulative so i asked Tony to come out to the sanctuary to treat one of the horses there. It was amazing. The differences in the horses and the literal ‘visible’ instant changes. I was so in love with it that i signed up for the short course. I do not have any qualifications in any therapies so everything was all new. The short course was mind blowing so I then signed up for the five levels to become a practitioner.

I was always blown away with each level. I practice alot on the sanctuary horses and watch them change and calm and grow in themselves. Emmett is a truly wonderful gentle  therapy that horses and people truly love. Its not just about the physical it helps the mental side of things as well. I have personally seen horses who are so nervy and screwed up mentally because of people just calm and relax and move on in life. I cannot recommend emmett therapy enough. It is literally mind blowing!

Tabitha Jones

I first came across Emmet Techniques on a one day taster course and was hooked. Tony is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and his enthusiasm rubs off on his pupils. I was originally nervous as I haven’t got a therapist background, but found the teaching sessions were aimed at every level of learning and understanding and the groups were small, friendly and designed to put even the most nervous pupil at complete ease. I’ve learned so much; I’m now a fully trained horse practitioner and am currently studying both humans and dogs to increase my learning. I’m already seeing the benefits of my new found skills in the horses I’m treating and have no hesitation in recommending Emmet therapies to new learners. A massive thank you Tony for everything you have taught me and for all your support throughout.

Ian McClumpha

Tony, I just want to say a massive thank you. Since reviewing (such a brilliant time) I have felt more confident.

I continue to volunteer and this week was asked to treat a stray. A tiny little thing, with minimal fur because of flea infestation, scratch marks all over her skin and indentations on her face where her mouth had been strapped tightly shut.  She cowered as I removed her lead, but with time allowed me to touch her and do a couple of moves. She looked, came over, gave me a lick and settled on my lap.

Obviously I was in tears, touched so greatly by her trust and the enormity of that which is Emmett.

I hope I haven’t waffled on, but you are a legend and without you’re teaching I doubt I would have had that moment, and I’m thinking Battersea dogs home needs an en masses Emmett visit!! Heartfelt thank you

Chris Price

I recently reviewed Emmett for dogs with Tony, ( very amazing man!!). It’s a course that leaves you smiling inside, and gives such an insight to the graciousness of dogs. Tony’s passion is infectious, as is his laugh, the time and support he gives is constant, then top that with his unique teaching skill, can it get any better??!!

It does, because what you begin to notice is a completeness in the bond between owners and their beautiful dogs. The moves we learn give a greater understanding of aches and pains they may have and verifies the total trust they place with us. The process is mind blowing and heart warming, an experience that becomes such a special memory.

I can say, hand on heart, doing this course has changed me, dogs have taught me the true meaning of trust and forgiveness.

My gratitude to Ross and Tony is a tad huge, Thank you so much!!!!

Chris Price

After a few nudges from the Universe, I made contact with Tony for further information on Emmett 4 horses course . In no time at all had enrolled in the short taster day and very soon after started on the full Practitioner for horses course.

Not coming from a Therapist back ground I was more than a little concerned I would be out of my depth from the lack of technical terms and names of the muscle groups . Well, Tony soon put my worries into a box never to see the light of day again! He simply explained that to treat horses with Emmetts they did not matter, but that we should use our eyes and inner voice to read the ‘book’ in front of us. Being able to treat horses with Emmett therapy is such a joyful experience.

Tony’s infectious enthusiasm, entwined with his honest memories and feelings of his own journey with Emmetts resonated constant reassurance in all of us on the course. Not wanting this experience to end and enjoying treating horses so much I have now found myself enrolled on to a human course.

I have noticed a great difference in myself which is leading to a long overdue career change. I have more confidence now which is down to Tony giving me the ‘tool’ to do it with, and that is ‘self belief’.

Thank you Tony, and I can’t wait to continue with my Emmett learning.

Catherine Aziz

Last June, my old Great Dane Jake was diagnosed with degenerative spinal disease and I was told that he wouldn’t last more than 3 months, and nothing more could be done for him. Jake was losing his confidence and was becoming very depressed.

This is where Tony entered our lives. Every 2-4 weeks he comes to see Jake and works on him with his extremely kind and gentle manner. Fast forward to March 2016 and Jake is still going strong. He is now a happy and confident boy and I honestly believe that this is all thanks to Tony and his dedicated work and I am so very grateful. Jake loves having his time with Tony and often trots off into the garden after his treatment like a pup.

Tony has also worked wonders with myself, my family and friends and has corrected old injuries and problem aches and pains with often just one treatment. Tony is someone that we all need in our lives and I would highly recommend him.

Jillie Harkness

I’ve had a sore knee for 10 years and tried all sorts to get rid of the pain and within 15 minutes of your treatment its gone and my knee feels like new with no pain. Thanks very much Tony.

Emund Wilson

I can’t believe how fast my headache disappeared. Gone in seconds. Thank you Mr voodoo fingers.

Claire Flynn

I fell from my horse 6 months ago & broke my collarbone. I had it plated & developed frozen shoulder. When I met Tony I had a stiff painful neck & had lost all strength in my hand. One session of Emmett & I could grip & turn my neck easily without pain. Absolutely amazing recommend 100%.

Siobhan Robertson-Wheeler

Amazing!   Treated and was instantly relaxed in my neck and shoulders… Went home slept best ever and felt great today. Everyone should try this as it truly works! Thank you Tony!

Sarah Travis

I’ve had chronic back pain since I was hit by a motorbike when I was 14years old. No one has helped until I saw Tony today!! I can bend my back with no pain!!! Highly recommended. Thank you

Thank you so so much!!! I was unable to move my neck and shoulders after over doing it at the gym yesterday but now it’s like magic and I can move again! Thanks Tony!

Amber Page

Tony was with us today doing a demonstration not only on me, but also on two of the horses I train (one is my own). I’m still struggling to rationalise what I felt and saw, but it certainly seems to be a powerful technique.

Personally, my back pain was relieved, but I also felt my centre of gravity shift (even though I tried to fight it, just because I am a born sceptic!). The horses both relaxed significantly during the demonstration. One has had a dipped back for around nine years having had a foal as a late 3yo. During the assessment and treatment I saw her back lift maybe by an inch (possibly a little more) and saw her abdominal muscles tighten and tone. I then watched my own horse (you met her at Tessa’s) relax her neck and her temperament change. My mare is never affectionate, but after her treatment she has been unusually affectionate. As you can probably tell, I am still a little in shock!

I coached one of the pairs that you treated today. I was slightly amazed to see that they were hugely improved! Much straighter (both horse and rider) and much more able to ride effectively. One of the other horses that you treated was described by it’s rider as much looser and more relaxed. Much freer in canter and generally a happier animal.

Graham Camplin-Smith
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