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Emmett 4 Animals – Horse Courses

Whether you are already a practitioner in an equine therapy, a professional horse person or a single horse owner, ECH Therapies can teach you how to correctly perform the Emmett Therapy technique. Why not book a place on an Introductory course to learn the basics. 

Equine Introductory Course

Introductory Course – 6 hours – £85

Book a taster introductory course to learn the basics of Emmett Technique.

Introductory courses:

– Are six hours in duration
– Let you learn new skills to help you and your horse.
– Are open to anyone who wants to learn.
– No previous therapy knowledge is required.
– All anatomy knowledge will be taught on the course.

You will learn six Emmett ‘corrections’. Corrections realign and alleviate muscle tension using light touches with your fingertips.
You will also receive a printed training guide to take away with you and certificate.

Step up to an Equine Practitioner Course 

Emmett technique practitioner training is designed for everyone from complementary therapists, qualified Veterinary professionals to horse owners interested in extending their skills.

All practitioners are encouraged to enhance their existing practice by integrating the EMMETT technique with their prior training.

This course is designed with a high practical focus and does not require participants to be academically skilled.

On completing the course you will be able to recognise signs of pain and discomfort, assess to identify areas that require treatment, and learn the Emmett technique to treat a range of muscular and locomotor problems.

There is no requirement to complete the short course before starting the practitioner course.

Level 1 – (2 days) cost £300

  • The History of EMMETT
  • Safety Notes
  • Notes on treatments
  • The Description of moves in the EMMETT Technique
  • The Principles of the EMMETT technique
  • 2 Human corrections
  • 8 Horses correctionsYour Content Goes Here


Level 2 – (2 days) cost £300

  • Day 1 – Revision of Level 1 corrections
  • Day 2
    – 2 Human corrections
    – 8 horses corrections


Level 3 – (2 days) cost £300

  • Day 1 – Revision of level 2 corrections
  • Day 2
    – 1 Human correction
    – 9 Horse corrections


Level 4 – (2 Days) cost £300

  • Day 1 – Revision of level 3 corrections
  • Day 2
    – 3 Human correction
    – 8 Horse corrections


Level 5 – (2 Days) cost £300

  • Day 1 – Revision of level 4 corrections
  • Day 2
    – 1 Human correction
    – 9 Horse corrections


Level 5 Review – (1 Day) cost £150

This day will access the students skills at assessing and treating a horse.


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